Meet the Lineup – Centennial Tires Now in Stock!

POSTED Oct 24, 2016

Centennial Tires are here! In this post we’ll introduce you to our current models and explain what kinds of conditions are ideal for each tread pattern.

The Terra Trooper A/T is a great all-around tire capable of handling offroad terrain while also remaining a good choice for road use as well. This tire is ideal for drivers who split time on and off the pavement.


The Terra Commander (available in both LT sizes and p-metric sizes) is a snowflake rated all terrain / all weather tire that delivers superb traction in all conditions. Available in both LT and p-metric sizes, this tire is ideal for colder climates with snow and ice, but is equally capable in warmer areas.


The Terra Commander M/T is a more aggressive off-road tire capable of handling anything thrown its way. The high void ratios ensure maximum debris clearout, making this tire the ideal choice for wet, slippery or loose surfaces.


The Dirt Commander M/T is a more aggressive mud tire that offers increased performance in the worst conditions. This tire is ideal for serious off-road drivers primed to take on any kind of terrain, from thick mud to slick rock.


Be on the lookout for more sizes and tread patterns expected to hit shelves in 2017 — sign up for our mailing list if you’d like to be the first to know about what’s new! You can use our Store Finder to find a Centennial Tires dealer near you.

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